måndag 20 oktober 2014

M24KC 2015 open for entry

The toughest race you ever entered or the most cosy paddle you've ever imagined. Enter this years around the clock Kayak competition. With kayakers entering from all over europe we are inviting extreme athletes and calm sunset paddlers alike to join in a fun and harsh adventure on the waterways of Malmö.

Just send us basic information: K1 or K2 or whatever - as long as it is driven by paddle or oar you will be very welcome. Name  - obviously! And your city+country or name of club

Just write froeslee@gmail.com or ulf@johanssonform.com
Be sure to submit your entry before your fellow paddler. And keep updated on featured articles here in our blog. A starter will be the newly compiled list of  ALL TIME GREATEST M24KC

Yours sincerely

Ulf & Jacob on behalf of all volunteers and MKK Malmö Kayak & Canoe Club

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